Is Lifewave a Scam?

I found these Lifewave patches while looking for a drug free solution to my insomnia. I had been using Ambien for more than a year. A friend told me about a patch, so I googled natural sleep patch and found Lifewave Silent Nights. I was intrigued by the idea of putting a patch on an acupressure point to improve sleep. I have had pain relief from acupressure, so I was open minded, but still a little skeptical.

Silent Nights

Well, it worked. I slept much better and weaned myself off Ambien in a few days. I am no longer drowsy in the morning. The sleep patch works so well that I considered becoming a distributor, until they told me how it works. They call it multi – level marketing. The person who told me about the business of Lifewave was eager to enlist me me under her, but I told her I would rather just buy the patches, and that I already have a job. She would not stop talking about how much money I could make. I finally had to hang up on her.

You know, it’s like if the cable guy comes to your house to hook up your cable TV and says, “If you tell your neighbors about cable and sign them up, you can really make some good money.”

You say, “Thanks, but I have a job and just want to have my cable installed.”

And he says, “No, really, you can make the big bucks, especially when you sign up other reps under you.”

So, you say, “I just wanna watch TV, and if you don’t stop the sales pitch, and hook up the cable, I will get my cable service from someone else!”

Well that was my experience with getting the patches until I found a retailer who would let me place my order without trying to sign me up….Lifewave

The Aeon patch for reducing stress and inflammation is Lifewave’s newest, most advanced patch. The new Aeon product is aimed at reducing stress and its consequences, both as a standalone product, or as part of LifeWave’s Y-Age system which also incorporates patches designed to increase levels of glutathione and carnosine in the body. I tried wearing Aeon on my lower back and within 24 hours my chronic back pain was 90% gone. I wore the patch 24 hours even though the instructions say discard after 12 hours use. When I awoke from a deep sleep, my usually stiff back, was almost pain free.

As commentators on many ‘scam’ and ‘skeptic’ websites have pointed out – LifeWave hasn’t exactly been very clear on the mechanism(s) by which its products are proposed to work – and their explanation seems to have been amended on more than one occasion. At first there was heavy use of “nanotechnology” in promotional materials and now the explanation seems to be firmly centred on stimulation of various acupuncture points. This includes the addition of small plastic beads the wearer places in the center of each patch before application, apparently to apply gentle pressure to the acupuncture point the patch is placed over. In my personal experience the patches produced pronounced physiological effects without these beads so I suspect they may just be a means to placate various regulatory bodies with an acceptable explanation of the patches action.

Besides the suspect (and changeable) explanations of how the patches work there is scant evidence from research studies supporting their use either. LifeWave says it is dedicated to research and surely now has the funds to perform quality clinical trials, yet I have yet to see such research. The studies that LifeWave talks about on its website and in promotional materials are small and appear to have been conducted by individuals connected to the company in some way or another. Hardly credible or reliable evidence.

Given all of the above and the fact that LifeWave uses a multi-level marketing (MLM) business model, I can’t blame people for being highly skeptical.

The business is one thing and the product is another. I have tried several of the Lifewave patches and got good results. By asking questions I learned more about the product.

Where are the patches worn? On acupuncture points, except for the pain patch, which is often placed where it hurts.

Are the patches expensive? They are not cheap, but compared to prescriptions, doctors, and chiropractors, they are cost effective.

Is Lifewave a good business opportunity? Only those who work diligently make money.

Is Lifewave a scam? Many people get good results with the patches and some do not. No natural remedy works for everyone.

What are the various types of patches? Energy, Sleep, Pain, Appetite, and three anti aging patches: Glutathione, Aeon, and Carnosine.

Do athletes use the energy patch? Athletes from many sports use the Energy Enhancer and it is completely legal…no drugs, no chemicals.

Have the patches been tested? Yes, studies show that the patches work.

Do the patches work like magnets? The patches do interact with the user’s electromagnetic energy field, but do not contain magnets.

In summary, I would point out that the patches do not cure diseases, and the patches do not produce miracles. The patches do work for many people and the clinical trials show that this is a valid technology. There are hundreds of videos about Lifewave patches on you tube, and many are convincing stories of how the patches helped the individual with sleep, pain, or other issues.

In conclusion, the absence of understanding of how something works…does not necessarily mean it doesn’t work. Scientists still haven’t fully explained how antidepressant drugs, first produced more half a century ago, exert their effects. My point then is this – sometimes you need to be open to things you perhaps wouldn’t ordinarily be (keeping safety in mind of course). You never know in what form relief may come. I suspended my disbelief and gave LifeWave patches a try and am reaping the rewards. I like my new open mind, it gives me hope that I will find other helpful approaches to better health in the future. What is hard to believe today, will be commonplace tomorrow.

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